Drug detox is usually the first step in getting your life back if you find yourself addicted to a substance. But it’s important to understand that this is just the first step and not the only step towards a successful recovery.

The detox process can be very difficult, so finding drug rehabilitation in Kansas City is essential. When you find a residential treatment center in Kansas City to help you recover, you can be assured that you are setting yourself up with the best possible chance at long-term sustained sobriety.

What Exactly Is Detox?

Detox is the process of removing any drugs from your system. This is done under the careful watch of a medical team to ensure that access to drugs isn’t a possibility and that your body is coping with the withdrawal process. Once this process is complete, it is essential to check yourself into drug rehabilitation in Kansas City to make sure you do not relapse and gain the skills to live a sober life.

Drugs can alter the brain’s chemistry, and feelings of extreme sadness, grief, and anger can all emerge. These feelings and emotions can make it difficult to make sound decisions on your future and interact with those around you in a healthy way after detox. Learning new ways to cope and function is essential to sustained recovery, and those skills can be learned at a residential treatment center in Kansas City like Gold Bridge Treatment Center.

Residential Treatment Center in Kansas City

After Detox

Once detox is complete, most people feel vulnerable and are not sure about many things in their lives. Relationships, employment, and living arrangements are often destroyed or are in bad places. And now, without the drug of choice to numb the pain, you are forced to look at addiction head-on. This takes lots of support, especially in the beginning days of sobriety. Here are some of the necessary services to help you get your life on track so that you will have access to a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City.

  • Therapy

Individual, group, addiction, and co-occurring mental health counseling will help you gain understanding and gain the necessary skills to be able to cope. This addresses legal issues, addiction issues, identifying triggers, past trauma, and many other things that drive addiction. You will learn new skills, get on a healthy routine to help you stay on track, and organize a strong support system to prevent relapse.

  • Family Therapy

We understand that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict but also greatly disrupts the family. Having the resources for everyone around the addict to heal and learn new ways to interact is just as important to the addict’s recovery as it is to the family.

  • Aftercare

This can look very different for everyone, ranging from a sober living house to outpatient care and making sure you are connected to a recovery program, meetings, and group counseling.

Residential Treatment Center in Kansas City

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a top treatment center in Kansas City, we understand that the process of detox and treatment is difficult. Therefore, we offer multifaceted and individualized care in our approach to recovery. We know that understanding the complexity that substance abuse and addictive behaviors play in the lives of individuals is essential for care and recovery.

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