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Our Program

Our Program and Philosophy

We have developed a drug or alcohol treatment program that prioritizes your experiences, hopes and dreams as the foundation of the recovery process. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches in order to help you discover what insight and skills will best support the sober life you’re wanting to create. We also recognized that substance abuse and addiction usually don’t operate in a vacuum and we’re here to help you discover what other factors might be contributing to your struggle and we help you address those successfully.

We know that each person with a substance use disorder or addiction has individual and unique needs when it comes to an effective and comprehensive treatment plan. At Gold Bridge you will meet with your counselor and have input into creating a treatment plan that suits you and only you. Furthermore, you will be the integral part of your aftercare, or discharge, plans. We do not have a “generic” plan for all addicts as many treatment facilities do, and we are committed to your aftercare, including sober living options, outpatient services, support services, etc.


Building Helpful Skills

A few of the long-lasting recovery skills that our clients establish during their treatment include:

  • Learning and practicing healthy coping skills.
  • Building or re-building positive self-image and confidence.
  • Re-enforcing your power of choice, choosing to seek and maintain a life of sobriety
  • Identifying and engaging in activities that support your individual values, strengths, interests and talents
  • Developing and practicing healthy communication skills
  • Learning to do your part to re-build damaged relationships and learning how to let go of unhealthy relationships.
  • Celebrating daily achievements and long-term goal accomplishment.

Our ultimate goal at Gold Bridge is to offer the best possible treatment that will provide the most positive outcome for you. We do this by consistently researching and educating our staff on the most effective therapy and treatment options for addiction and by listening to you. We are intentional about being facilitators of your process and about hearing what you want your life to be as addiction becomes a smaller and smaller.


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