If you have ever loved someone who is battling addiction, which many people have, then you know dishonesty often comes along with it. This is also one of the harder parts for families of addicts to deal with in recovery–the constant lying.

Therefore, families need to understand why an addict would lie and find some ways to cope with this difficult situation. Finding the root of your loved one’s dishonesty is something we can try to uncover at Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a premier alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas.

First, it’s a good idea to get some understanding of why an addict would lie. If you have never struggled with an addiction, it might be hard to deal with, and taking it personally would be easy to do.  Here are the top reasons why dishonesty is common for an addict.


Alcoholics tend to avoid things, and that includes the reality that they might be an addict. If they were truthful to the ones they care about, they would quickly need to give up alcohol and seek alcohol addiction help in Kansas. This would require a significant life change, which is scary for anyone, but especially for addicts.

Confronting someone you care about in their addiction can bring feelings of anger, frustration, and can cause major divides in families. Avoidance tends to be the temporary solution for addicts and loved ones, but a permanent solution may never be found. One of the best ways to help combat dishonesty and substance abuse is to seek alcohol addiction help in Kansas.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Kansas


Denial is a potent tool an addict might use to remain addicted to drugs or alcohol. Even when there seems to be evidence to the contrary, the idea that everything is under control and okay can reign supreme. The addict can convince themselves that they have full control over their addiction, even if their life is spinning out of control.

Many people battling addiction, and family members of addicts, want to believe so bad that they can recover this time on their own and that everything is okay; even when it is not. The reality is, they likely need professional help from an addiction treatment center in Kansas.

Shame and Guilt

When one is not actively using drugs or alcohol, even if it is just for a few hours, it can come with a wave of guilt and shame for past behavior. Often, this feeling spawns the cycle of using again. When a user is lacking coping skills and therapy work, these feelings can overtake anyone, but especially in the case of an addict.

Sometimes loved ones begin making excuses for and try to cover up the behavior of an addict. Many times, this is to avoid guilt and shame from the outside world. Shame is a powerful thing that comes with every addiction story, and a quality alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas can help addicts deal with their feelings of shame and provide effective solutions.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Kansas

With Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a leading alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas, we understand all the complexities that come with alcohol addiction. We also know why reaching out for alcohol treatment in Kansas is so important.

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