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At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Our addiction treatment center believes that a multifaceted, individualized approach is essential to creating effective treatment and sustained recovery.

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Drug Addiction Treatment:

Gold Bridge will create individualized treatment plans for each resident based on their past experiences and their specific needs.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment:

Our Kansas City addiction treatment specialists will work with each resident to find the root of their addiction and develop strategies on how to avoid triggers that might lead to alcohol use.

Substance Abuse Treatment:

We will take a deep dive into a resident’s history of substance abuse to help determine how aggressive we should be with their rehab strategy.

Luxury Inpatient Treatment:

Our apartment-style units have all the necessary amenities and are in a discrete location to allow each resident the space needed to focus on reflection and rehab.

Gold Bridge Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park KS

The Gold Bridge Facility

Gold Bridge Treatment Center is discretely tucked away in the small town of Louisburg, Kansas. We provide many amenities in our facility that offers comfort and privacy during your recovery.

Suite Arrangements

Our clientele can expect to have semi-private rooms in apartment-style units.

Living Room & Kitchenette

Enjoy a separate living room and kitchenette in your own space to unwind and relax.

On Site Home Cooked Meals

We offer a dining and kitchen space where our cook prepares homemade meals and desserts.

Activity Room

Socialize with others in our large activity room equipped with a pool table, ping pong, television and seating.

Gold Bridge Addiction Rehab Center Overland Park KS

Working Professionals

At our addiction rehab center in Kansas City, we recognize that life doesn’t stop during treatment. In order to help our professional clientele maintain some continuity in their careers, we allow the use of cell phones, and laptops and give clientele the ability to remotely check in with work while in treatment.




  • 4 Clinical Therapists
  • Maximum of 16 patients in the facility at a time
  • Robust staffing ratios with experienced counselors
  • Unique program with individualized treatment plans tailored to the needs of each client
  • Frequent outings to local parks, lakes and other attractions to support overall client well-being


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