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Family Care

Family Therapy

Relationships play a significant role in recovery from addiction. Those who are isolated do not recover as well as those who have a loving support system in place. This is not just an intuitive deduction about mental health; it is vastly supported in psychological and neurophysiological studies and reports.

Addiction often causes irrefutable damage to relationships, i.e. family, personal, and professional. At Gold Bridge, we firmly believe recovery is not only about you but also about rebuilding relationships that have been damaged in the course of the addiction. At Gold Bridge, we understand that your family/partner/loved ones also need support. We offer access for your family and loved ones to participate in a variety of sessions that focus on coping with addiction as a family/partner/loved one.

Our family program focuses on addiction education and support. Education is provided about the effects of addiction on key brain circuits and behavior patterns, and how, in recovery, those circuits and behavior patterns can be re-wired. This concept of rewiring the brain and addiction is not only useful and practical, it inspires hope.

Emotional support is also an essential component of our family program. Knowing that you, a loved one of someone struggling with addiction, are not alone is empowering and comforting. Actually helping/participating in your loved one’s recovery can begin a foundation upon which you and your loved one can reclaim and strengthen your relationship. Family therapy and family groups provide you with the opportunity to learn and to support your loved one in finding new ways to set boundaries and build healthier relationships.

Some of the skills taught in our Family therapy sessions include the following:

  • Set and keep healthy boundaries
  • Recognize patterns of co-dependence
  • Offer support without enabling
  • Manage stress by practicing self-care
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Rebuild trust in your relationship

Knowing and using these skills will allow your loved ones, and yourself, to work through the everyday stresses and triggers of daily life without the emotional turmoil that could lead to relapse. So please, invite your family and loved ones to participate in your recovery, and please, give us a call when you are ready to get help and change your life for the better. We can help.

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