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About Us

Gold Bridge is an exceptional residential drug and alcohol treatment center in Kansas, located just outside of Kansas City. We are a unique, low-capacity residential setting, located on a beautiful two acre property surrounded by privacy and tranquility so you can focus on your recovery. We provide specialized, evidence-based Drug and Alcohol treatment practices that focuses on healing the whole person while addressing problematic substance use and addiction. We take a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment that addresses all aspects of the person and their desire for wellness. We work with individuals and families to collaborate and identify personal goals as you move forward on your unique path towards recovery at the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City.

Our small capacity facility allows for the staff of the best Drug and Alcohol treatment center in Kansas City, Gold Bridge Treatment Center, to give personalized services unique to the individual seeking treatment. We practice proven therapeutic interventions for both individuals and small groups as you work through issues of addiction and mental health. Our counseling staff has both Licensed Master Addiction Counselors and Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselors that have over 35 years of combined experience in the field of addiction, recovery and mental illness that can contribute to addiction.

Your Premier Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Kansas

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we are the best inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City. We believe in our evidence based, individualized approach to recovery, giving our clients personalized care.

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