Addiction is difficult to conquer, especially when you battle it on your own.  Many people suffering from substance abuse and feel alone in the world, eventually turn to an addiction specialist or a counselor for drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas City.

Just like selecting the right car, home, or clothes, everyone has a preference of what type of counselor works best for them.  Although there are many different styles of counseling, there are a handful of essential qualities that a counselor should have in order to provide adequate alcohol or drug addiction help in Kansas City.

These characteristics are: 

  • Good Listener 
  • Shows Compassion 
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills 
  • Strong Communicator 
  • Patient 

Good Listener

Someone suffering from substance abuse can benefit from sharing their thoughts and feelings with another person.  A counselor can provide effective drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas City by listening to what motivates a patient to turn to substance abuse.  Whether it’s stress from work, the loss of a family member, or various other reasons, a good counselor will provide muchneeded support by letting a patient open up. 

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

Shows Compassion

Recovering addicts are typically very embarrassed by their faults and are worried about being judged by others in their community.  One of the best ways counselors can provide alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City is by letting their patients know that there will be no judgment cast during counseling sessions.  Counselors should constantly reiterate to a patient that this is a team effort to achieve one ultimate goal, sobriety. 

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

When a patient feels that they can relate to their counselor on many levels, that is a huge step in building a trusting relationship.  Getting the right drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas City is much more attainable if they are working first-hand with someone that truly understands the daily struggles of addiction. 

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

Strong Communicator

People battling addiction tend to shut down from the outside world, and it’s hard to get them to communicate with anyone.  Counselors should have the unique ability to get a patient to open up by using different communication methods to break down the barrier between them and the patient.  Alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas City starts with the ability to have deep, meaningful conversations between a counselor and a patient. 


Counselors should go into every relationship with a patient, knowing that there will not be a significant breakthrough each day.  In fact, there could be some days where it seems like the situation regresses, but a good counselor will regroup and try a different tactic during their next session.  Addiction counselors know that each situation is different and that some clients will respond better to counseling than others. 

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we will provide the best alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City to help you conquer your addictions.  Our counselors will be by your side to provide the love and support you need during this difficult time in your life. 

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