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Drug Rehab in Kansas City: The Terrible Reality of Overdosing–Gold Bridge Treatment Center knows the most dangerous side effect of abusing drugs or alcohol is overdosing. But the question is, why do those battling addiction still downplay it?

At our drug rehab in Kansas City, we are aware that users know that overdosing carries a risk. Addicts frequently ignore it and behave as though it won’t happen to them. Most likely, you know someone who has told you that they know how to use drugs or alcohol in a “responsible” way, which prevents overdosing. Or they have control over their usage, even if they have visited drug rehabs in Kansas City in the past. One of the biggest lies that those battling addiction tell both themselves and other people in order to avoid acknowledging the possibility that their drug of choice may be fatal is this one.

In terms of society, some think that overdosing is a normal consequence of addiction—a kind of involuntary penalty for unethical behavior. Therefore, punishment is appropriate when someone battling addiction is harmed as a result of their “choices.” The friends and family of the user who was harmed are left feeling helpless and confused by this. That is why people should enlist the help of a drug rehab in Kansas City.Drug Rehab in Kansas City

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Drug Rehab in Kansas City: Who becomes addicted to drug use?

Everyone is susceptible to addiction explains, according to the best drug rehabs in Kansas City. If it’s not you directly, it might be a spouse, parent, son, or daughter. It could even be a coach, teacher, or even your physician. It is our collective responsibility to save lives, not to dehumanize those who succumb to addiction.

Addiction does not result in death as a penalty. Nobody ought to pass away alone. And once you realize how common overdose deaths are, you’ll realize that this is an issue that impacts all of America, not just a select few families on occasion. The most common cause of accidental death in the United States is overdosing. That is why the help of a drug rehab in Kansas City is so important.

Drug Rehab in Kansas City: Overdosing in the US

Gold Bridge Treatment Center knows in the US, overdosing is currently the most common cause of accidental death. It is the cause of more deaths than gun murders, suicides, and traffic accidents combined. Over the past 15 years, there has also been a notable increase in the rate of overdosing. The CDC reports that there were 38,329 drug overdose deaths in 2010 as opposed to 16,849 in 1999. This is partly because prescription drug abuse is on the rise. That is why the help of a drug rehabs in Kansas City is so important.

It helps to put things in perspective to know that 38,000 people die annually from drug overdoses and 35,000 from car accidents. However, it appears that people who overdose on drugs receive much less sympathy and understanding. Neither local news stations nor social media platforms highlight them. Rather, many of their deaths pass with little or no compassion.


Drug Rehab in Kansas City

Gold Bridge Treatment Center explains that unfortunately, a lot of drug and alcohol abusers misuse these substances in their final moments on this planet. Many people pass away alone. Others pass away next to careless friends or acquaintances. Although it’s not the end that anyone plans for, it occurs every day. In fact, up to 100 people every day. That’s one hundred people who are walking away from a broken family and a history of drug use, theft, deceit, and heartache.

Drug Rehab in Kansas City: Those Most Likely to Overdose

Almost all illegal drugs have the potential to cause overdose. Overdosing is a problem that affects everyone, but some people are more prone to it than others. Among them are:

  • Those who overindulge in drugs and alcohol

  • Individuals who mix substances

  • Those who relapse after treatment

  • Those with mental illnesses

  • Individuals who have stopped using, but continue to struggle in life

Drug Rehab in Kansas City

How Overdose Occurs—It’s Not What You Think

Not everyone who takes their own life due to drug or alcohol abuse had a night of heavy drug use and partying. Actually, reports of drug overdoses caused by unusually high dosages are usually exaggerated. It is frequently discovered that the user took the same dose as usual—or perhaps slightly less—when the toxicology report is run.

The more typical explanation is that they lost their ability to tolerate things. They might have served time in jail or been released from treatment that is why the help of drug rehabs in Kansas City is so important. After experiencing a moment of weakness, they take the same quantity of drugs as before—only their bodies can no longer handle it.

Combining drugs is a common way to overdose as well. Let’s say an individual consumes alcohol, as this reduces the body’s tolerance to opiates. They then take heroin or oxycontin, which is an opiate, and overdose. The overdose was caused by a combination of drugs rather than just one specific one.

Gold Bridge Treatment Center knows that this is scary because it makes identifying and treating the original issue more difficult. There is a new generation of drug users who will not hesitate to mix drugs for maximum effect, instead of focusing on helping those who only use cocaine or alcohol.

Overdosing is not exclusive to certain people. Even recreational users are susceptible to it. To reduce their risk of overdosing, addicts must receive evidence-based treatment at a reputable facility, like one of the top drug rehabs in Kansas City. It’s imperative that we begin to view drug addiction and the risks that go along with it as legitimate issues rather than isolated occurrences.

Statistics show that the likelihood of knowing someone who passed away from a drug overdose exceeds that of a vehicle accident. Seek help of a drug rehab in Kansas City if you know someone struggling with addiction.


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