Group therapy and counseling have been around for ages and the reasons why keep growing. If you have struggled with mental health, addiction, or both, then chances are you have participated in a group share or counseling environment.

Groups can be helpful to everyone involved because it’s a safe place to share and be understood by others. Most groups tend to meet on a regular basis, usually weekly and are full of benefits. Here are a few reasons why a group might be good for you:


Often, people are unaware of harmful behavior they are doing to themselves or others that causes pain. When you participate in a group therapy session at an addiction treatment center in Kansas, you are sharing with other people who might struggle with the same thing. The safe environment allows other members to point out things that might be causing you to trip up. This can generally feel like an attack, but in a group therapy environment that is non-threatening, it feels more like a learning experience that can save you from making the same mistakes.

Additionally, when you are actively participating in harmful behaviors, and you know you must talk about it to the group, it does make you think twice about handling it in a better way. Having accountability when seeking drug or alcohol rehab in Kansas is key to successful recovery.

It is Cost-Effective

If counseling is not covered by insurance, individual counseling can be expensive. When you participate in a group therapy as part of your alcohol rehab in Kansas, the cost is often much less than an individual session, with many of the same benefits. Group therapy is informative and eye-opening to many as it’s a great forum to talk openly and honestly in an environment overseen by a trained counselor.

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Provides Support

When you struggle with a particular issue or challenge, it can often feel isolating. However, when you can share with a group, such as at an addiction treatment center in Kansas, hearing the stories of others who are going through something similar can be extremely healing.

The group also allows members to share openly and talk about something that, for most addicts, they have tried to hide from people. This causes a great sense of shame, which leads to more addiction issues. When you hear others share in a group experience, you can both give and receive support which helps everyone at your treatment center in Kansas.

You Can Gain Perspective

When you have been battling addiction for some time, it can be hard to build a healthy life. It can also be difficult to gain a healthy perspective on relationships and situations that occur throughout the week.

When you bring those concerns to the group and share, you can bounce ideas and solutions off many individuals. This gives you a broader sense of ways to handle or respond to a situation so that you can achieve the result you want.

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