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Whether you are fresh out of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas or have been working on sobriety for some time, it can always be a bit of an awkward situation to say no. Sometimes people are immediately respectful and back off, and some people continue to pressure or begin to ask questions. Regardless of what the scenario is, there are some tips and hints to be more prepared for this inevitable encounter after you leave an alcohol treatment center in Kansas.

One of the biggest ways to get out of a sticky situation is to rehearse what to say in some common scenarios. It’s also wise to develop an exit strategy. Knowing what to say at the moment can be difficult when you are around many people, and the pressure to join in on what’s going on is intense.

Here are some ideas on what to say when you are being asked or pressured to have a drink:

“No thanks, I’m the designated driver.”

This is a great one in a public setting because it doesn’t disclose any information about you other than you are being responsible and looking out for yourself and others. Alcohol rehabs in Kansas are a great place to bounce ideas off on this topic to get even more responses in your back pocket.

alcohol treatment center in Kansas

“No thanks, I brought my own drink.”

Some people may want to remain discrete about their new found recovery. If you aren’t comfortable in the setting, bringing your own cooler with fun drinks. It’s a great way to reply without answering any further questions. 

“I am in AA and don’t drink anymore.”

If you are comfortable talking about addiction and recovery after leaving an alcohol treatment center in Kansas, this is a good thing to say. Most people will respect you being upfront and vulnerable and will move the conversation on quickly. If not, that means it’s a good time for you to exit the situation, according to top treatment centers in Kansas.

Remember, you are in charge of what you want to share. If you don’t feel ready to say some of these things, then it’s okay to turn down an invitation politely. It’s also okay to ask to bring a friend with you if you want to go but are afraid to go alone. It can be challenging to remain sober after leaving one of the top rehab facilities in Kansas.

If you are nervous about how you will handle difficult situations that involve drinking, alcohol rehabs in Kansasare a great place to practice these kinds of interactions. With plenty of practice and preparation, you’ll be able to say “no” when asked to drink.

alcohol treatment center in Kansas

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