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Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas: 5 Myths About Detoxing

Gold Bridge, one of the top drug treatment centers in Kansas, knows that one of the most significant barriers between active addiction and recovery is drug detox. Although detox is a difficult and painful process, there are numerous myths about drug detox that may discourage a drug addict from even attempting to quit. These myths about detox in a drug rehab in Kansas are harmful to everyone.

In this article, our drug treatment center in Kansas will go over some of the most common myths of dextoxing. Read on to separate truth from fiction.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

“This pain is going to last forever!”

This is a common myth that drug addicts tell themselves, making the detox process much more difficult at a drug rehab in Kansas. A typical drug detox lasts 5 to 7 days. Obviously, there are some variables such as drug of choice, amount of use, duration of use, age, and physical health. However, the physical discomfort of detox will not last forever.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

“I can do this on my own!”

There is a well-known myth that you’ve probably heard before, “We are our own doctors.” Patients undergoing detox may believe that they can medicate themselves in the same way from the comfort of their own home and beat their disease on their own. Just don’t try to medicate yourself as a doctor would.

The concept that people struggling with addiction can solve their problems by applying the same logic that created them is erroneous. The truth is: addicts suffer from a brain disorder. The fact is, detoxification and addiction are medical disorders that call for a qualified drug treatment center in Kansas just like any other ailment.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

“The only roadblock to recovery is detox.”

Most people who struggle with addiction are unaware that detox is only the first step on the long road to recovery. Simply overcoming physical withdrawal symptoms at a drug rehab in Kansas does not imply that you have overcome your addiction. It simply means you’ve taken the first step to overcome your physical illness.

For a few days, patients will have Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, and they will need to manage their practice mindfulness and good thoughts. A drug rehab in Kansas says that while detox is a very hard and stressful procedure, it is important to understand that we are dealing with a brain illness that will require much more time to heal than a 7-day detox at a drug treatment center in Kansas.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

“It’s fine if I take a prescription drug as directed.”

This is one of the most common myths about addiction these days. With prescription drug abuse on the rise, this is an excellent justification for those struggling with addiction. “Well, my doc gave it to me so it should be fine,” most people will say.

That claim is very untrue. Prescription medications are one of the most damaging and often abused substances available today. Medications like Xanax and prescription painkillers are among the most often utilized. Prescription painkillers are overused at an alarming rate; they have almost the same effect as heroin, according to a drug treatment center in Kansas.

Both have a high potential for:

  • Addiction
  • Tolerance
  • Excruciating Withdrawal Symptoms

For someone who regularly uses drugs, prescription medications are no safer than any other narcotic. Since an individual can rationalize consuming these narcotics, they are just as harmful, if not more so.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:


“I am going to die.”

This is something we hear a lot from patients going through painful detox from substance addiction. The truth is that if you are detoxing under the supervision of a medical professional, this statement is false. Detoxing from alcohol and benzodiazepines can result in:

  • Tremors

  • Seizures

  • If left untreated: Death

It does not have to be this way if rehab is performed in a professional drug treatment centers in Kansas by licensed medical personnel. The patient will be at a much lower risk compared if they finish the detox and rehab process.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

“Medication will make the procedure painless.”

Medications are usually an important part of drug detoxification. Some patients, however, believe that medication will provide them with a pain-free detox. There is no such thing as a painless detox from any substance. Prescriptions can be properly administered a at a drug rehab in Kansas to alleviate the discomfort of detox. Medications are used to relieve symptoms, but they cannot completely eliminate all pain.

Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas:

Misinformation about drug detox, such as these myths, can be extremely dangerous to addicts. This is why it is critical to conduct research before making any treatment decisions for someone who is battling addiction. To properly treat their disease, a patient will require all of the information, support, and love from their family and therapeutic staff. Get help for yourself or a loved one right away!



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Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas

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