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Leaders of alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City understand that underage and young drinkers aren’t aware of their limits. In fact, underage drinkers often binge drink to impress their friends and play dangerous drinking games. These games can lead to alcohol poisoning or worse, so teenagers must be aware of these games and their dangers.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on being a trusted drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas City, and we want to help keep you and your family safe. We understand that teenagers are curious, and while we don’t condone underage drinking, we want them always to be safe and knowledgeable about any substance they ingest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of dangerous drinking games that underage drinkers should be aware of.

Why Do Teens Binge Drink?

Before we dive into the dangerous drinking games, an alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City believes that it’s beneficial to understand why young drinkers binge drink. Experts believe that most binge drinking practices come from peer pressure or outside stressors. Many teenagers drink at parties to look cool around their friends or to forget about the homework they have piled up on their desks at home.

In short, they use it as a coping mechanism that becomes more addictive over time. Many underage people also binge drink at parties because they believe that it’s the primary way to have fun, and they participate in dangerous drinking games.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Kansas City

Dangerous Drinking Games

According to drug and alcohol rehabs in Kansas City, underage drinkers are the most likely crowd to participate in drinking games. This is especially dangerous for this group of people because they often don’t know their limits and will drink enough to give themselves alcohol poisoning. Popular dangerous drinking games to be aware of include power hour, 21 for 21, Edward Fortyhands, and the vodka eyeball.

Warn Underage Drinkers

According to experts in alcohol addiction help in Kansas City, nobody, especially underage drinkers, should be participating in these games until they know their drinking limits. Despite the peer pressure and TikTok videos that seem to challenge teens to participate. Underage drinkers should always understand that these games cause an increased risk of alcohol poisoning. Have a conversation with your teenager about how to excuse themselves from the game politely and how to say no to peer pressure.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Kansas City

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