It is likely you or someone you know has battled a substance addiction in their lifetime and required drug or alcohol addiction help in Kansas City.  One of the most proven ways to assist an addict is through constant love and support during their recovery process and continuing to be a positive influence for them after their treatment is complete. 

Unfortunately, many people refuse to seek alcohol or drug addiction help in Kansas City and attempt to tackle substance abuse on their own.  This article will explain some of the challenges that someone might face when trying to achieve sobriety alone.  The biggest obstacles include: 

  • Withdrawal Symptoms 
  • Higher Risk of Overdose 
  • Lasting Sobriety Requires Support 
  • Lack of Evidence-Based Treatment 

Withdrawal Symptoms 

When someone decides to quit using their substance of choice, they will have to deal with the side-effects or withdrawal symptoms that follow.  Without any supervision or a friend/loved one to check on them, this can be very dangerous or potentially fatal.  Recovering addicts, who refuse drug addiction help in Kansas City, may have no one to turn to, resulting in a relapse to help dull the pain of their withdrawal symptoms. 

drug addiction help in Kansas City

Higher Risk of Overdose 

Relapse is quite common for those who refuse alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas City, as they will not have the accountability of a support group or counselor during their attempt to get sober.  While going through withdrawal symptoms, an addict might think they must use a higher dose of their drug of choice, which significantly increases their risk of an overdose. 

Lasting Sobriety Requires Support 

Detox has been proven to be most effective with professional supervision at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City.  The first step is to clear the body of all harmful substances and the cravings that follow.   

Another aspect of recovery that cannot be overlooked is the healing of the mind and spirit.  Lasting sobriety is extremely difficult when the brain is not functioning correctly.  It is even more challenging to get the mind working efficiently without the support of family, friends, or professional assistance. 

“It is even more challenging to get the mind working efficiently without the support of family, friends, or professional assistance.” 

Lack of Evidence-Based Treatment 

Going to alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas City has evidence of being an effective way to battling addiction.  Treatment facilities have provided different approaches to individual circumstances, based on multiple studies that show their effectiveness. 

There is truly no proven data to show how successful or ineffective self-treatment is.  It may work for some, but without others to hold you accountable, self-treatment is a very risky path to go on. 

drug addiction help in Kansas City

If you or someone you know is trying to battle addiction alone, please consider reaching out to a facility specializing in drug rehabilitations in Kansas City, like Gold Bridge Treatment Center.  We know that beating addiction is a daunting task, and you should not try to do it alone.  Give us a call at (913) 837-GOLD so that we can work together to give you the substance-free life you deserve. 

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