Teenagers can be easily influenced by many things.  When remembering being a teenager, there was a lot of pressure to fit in with your peers.  So, if the cool kids in school were doing it, then we likely felt the need to do the same thing.  As a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas CityGold Bridge knows that peer pressure has been shown to lead to substance abuse among teenagers.  This article will discuss three different aspects of peer pressure: 

  • Peer Pressure Among Friends 
  • Social Media Bullying 
  • The Dangers of Giving In

Peer Pressure Among Friends

Peer pressure is not always as obvious as friends egging each other on to try new things.  One example would be, if a group of friends plans to try smoking for the first time, but one friend says they don’t want to.  The friend that chose not to smoke is immediately considered an outcast and might get mocked for their decision.   

Drug treatment centers in Kansas City have seen plenty of cases where teens are fearful of being shunned by a group, which leads to them trying drugs and eventually becoming addicted.   

Social Media Bullying 

In 2020 social media plays a significant role in all our lives, and unfortunately, that includes social media bullying.  Many teens who seek drug treatment in Kansas City have been influenced by negative posts they see on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets.   

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It could be as simple as a negative comment about someone not choosing to drink at a party.  That person can get offended and want to prove that they are cool, so they will go to a future party and drink heavily just to prove a point.  Eventually, the problem could worsen, and they may need to seek alcohol treatment in Kansas City 

The Dangers of Giving In

If a teen doesn’t want to take alcohol or drugs, they should do everything in their power to stand their ground.  Even though their friends may shun them, they should take solace in the fact that they are protecting their integrity and health.  The best way to avoid needing drug treatment in Kansas City is never to take drugs in the first place.   

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Gold Bridge Treatment Center

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