Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction will offer many challenges.  After completing a program for alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas City, there will be times along your path to sobriety where you may feel alone.  One thing to remember is that there are many people struggling with the same demons as you are.   

However, there are people you can reach out to during your recovery process.  As a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas CityGold Bridge has seen the benefits that a strong role model can provide to a recovering addict.  This article will talk about some of the most common types of role models that recovering addicts can reach out to. 

  • A Rehab Graduate 
  • Loyal Friend 
  • Someone Sharing A Personal Connection 
  • A Close Family Member 

A Rehab Graduate 

A great person to look up to would be someone who has conquered the same issues that you are facing.  Try to find someone who has completed a program for drug or alcohol addiction help in Kansas City, and ask them questions about their experience in rehab.  You can also inquire about adjusting to life after completing treatment. 

drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City

Loyal Friend 

Many of us have that one friend or group of friends that we can talk to about anything.  Talk to your close friends about your struggles before and after receiving drug treatment in Kansas City.  Even if your friends can’t offer great advice that’s okay, because good friends will be there to listen and stay committed to you during your journey to sobriety.   

Someone Sharing A Personal Connection 

If you became close to someone during your stay at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City, staying in-touch could benefit both of you.  When you share a personal connection with someone, you can share similar struggles and work together to battle those demons.  Even your best friends may not be able to provide the same help as someone fighting the same battles as you.  

drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City

A Close Family Member 

There is no bond quite like the relationship someone has with a parent, child, or a sibling.  They have truly been with you almost every day of your life.  Reach out to them when you need alcohol or drug addiction help in Kansas City.  A close family member may know you better than anyone else you have encountered in your life and offer the advice you need. 

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