Quitting alcohol and substance abuse is not easy.  According to many drug treatment centers in Kansas City, one of the most common reasons for relapse is due to severe withdrawal symptoms.  In some cases, the symptoms are so intense that an addict thinks that they are better off continuing their abuse habits. 

This article will provide you with tips from top drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City on preparing for upcoming withdrawal symptoms and the most effective ways to treat them.  Some very common side-effects of substance abuse are: 

  • Mood Swings 
  • Fatigue 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 

Mood Swings 

If mood swings are affecting your everyday life, reach out to your doctor or a therapist.  Many different calming techniques provide effective drug treatment in Kansas City.  Mood swings can be very draining on your body as well as those around you, so it is best to find treatment before the effects escalate. 


You can feel very fatigued after withdrawing from substance abuse.  Your body is in recovery mode, so it may be common for you to experience sleep deprivation or sleep disturbance since your body will have trouble adjusting to your new habits.  Try to get as much rest as possible during the early days of your recovery, and the feelings of fatigue should eventually pass. 

drug addiction help in Kansas City


We have all experienced nervousness, and anxiety has some similarities to being nervous. However, the feelings are much more intense.  Many seeking drug addiction help in Kansas City suffer from anxiety even after their treatment is over.   

Anxiety makes you feel physically and mentally uncomfortable, almost to the point where you believe something scary may happen.  It is critical to remind yourself that this is just part of the recovery process and that you are safe. 


People who have completed drug rehab in Kansas City can feel like they are in a hopeless state.  They remember the euphoric feelings of using alcohol or drugs, which makes them sad that they won’t have that euphoria again.  When you are going through treatment, try to prepare yourself for future feelings of depression by having a supportive circle of friends or substance-free activities ready for days when you are feeling extremely vulnerable. 

drug addiction help in Kansas City

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