After completing your addiction program from a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City, you may ask yourself, “What’s next in my recovery process?”  The thought of rejoining society and trying to get your life back on track can be daunting.  After treatment is complete, most drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City recommend finding a support group. 

Support groups can provide significant alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas City for many reasons.  The biggest reason is obvious – they offer support.  A good support group does not promise any cures to addiction, as there truly is not a cure.  Addiction recovery is a constant battle that can be helped by continued love and support from people you trust. 

This article will provide some tipfor finding a support group after you finish alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City. 

Ask for recommendations 

After you complete your program for drug rehab in Kansas City, ask the staff what groups they would recommend.  At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we can refer you to private therapists for ongoing mental health support.  We also have connections to other local support groups that can assist in your recovery process. 

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Are sponsors required? 

While most AA (alcoholics anonymous) groups and 12-step programs require a sponsor to be present, not all groups require it.  If you are not comfortable having a sponsor for meetings, seek other groups where this is not mandatory.   

Does the support group utilize religion? 

Some support groups have religious beliefs that you may or may not be comfortable with.  The power of a relationship with God can be an extremely beneficial form of drug treatment in Kansas City.  For others, Christianity may not have an impact at all.  Make sure you research to see if religion will be a focus of your support group. 

drug treatment in Kansas City

Groups to avoid 

As mentioned earlier in this article, avoid groups that claim to have a cure for addiction.  Check to see if the group is charging high admission fees or possibly is a group that involves advertising.  There are some groups where your recovery is not their highest priority, and they bring you in to push a specific product or agenda. 

Gold Bridge Treatment Center 

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