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A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kansas City Provides 3 Tips for Dealing with Anger in Early Sobriety – Leaders at a drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas City understand how difficult it can be to quit drinking. The new change in your life can leave you feeling irritable and could cause your friends and family to keep their distance from you. Emotions can feel more overwhelming and raw in the early stages of sobriety, so it’s vital to understand how to control them.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a leader in alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Kansas City, we want to help you on your sobriety journey. We understand that this new chapter in your life can cause a lot of confusing emotions. Many people in their early sobriety feel angry, so we’ve provided some tips on how to best deal with this anger.

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#1 Put a Name to the Feeling

As a leader of alcohol addiction help in Kansas City, our staff knows that it’s natural to feel angry during your sobriety, especially in the early stages. The first step to dealing with your anger is to name it, learn to acknowledge it when you are angry, and be okay with it.

Many people struggle with this; anger is often seen as wrong. However, the truth is that everyone gets angry. Anger itself isn’t destructive; how you react to it is. Acknowledging your anger makes it easier to manage.

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#2 Understand How Your Anger Feels

According to a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City, anger can feel different in everyone. Most people don’t like to feel angry, but there are physical cues that you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Feeling flushed
  • Feeling cold
  • Feeling sick to your stomach
  • Shaking
  • An inability to think straight


Some people experience heightened blood pressure when they’re angry and can see spots in their vision. It’s important to be aware of these cues to navigate how to best control your anger.


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#3 How to Best Control Your Anger

As a leader of drug rehabilitations in Kansas CityGold Bridge understands that some anger coping strategies work better for some people than others. Common coping mechanisms include:

Talking About It

This is the most common way to deal with your anger and what leaders at a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City recommend. It’s important to have a network of supportive people to turn to during your recovery. This makes the process easier and allows you to open up about any emotions you might be feeling.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise allows you to clear your head and work your body and helps you produce endorphins. Many people feel the urge to exercise when angry; physical exertion helps release any negative feelings and frustrations.

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