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If you or someone your know is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and is reaching out for drug addiction help in Kansas, there is usually some kind of rehab required. After being released from your chosen drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas, there is always the need to establish a really solid aftercare program.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that long-term recovery includes getting treatment and being done. However, maintaining sobriety is a lifelong effort that requires daily maintenance. Drug rehabs in Kansas help to put this in place after you leave. Your rehab facility will give you the best shot at maintaining your sobriety.

There are many options for choosing the right aftercare program after completing drug rehab in Kansas. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Intensive outpatient counseling
  • Referral to private therapists for ongoing mental health
  • Connection to local support groups (AA/NA, Life Rings, Smart Recovery, Good Days Ahead, etc.)
  • Sober living environments
  • Other supportive resources in your community

The relapse rate right after leaving drug rehabilitation in Kansas is over fifty percent. This is not to scare you as much as it is to understand the seriousness and importance that a solid aftercare program is to the success of your recovery.

drug rehabilitation in Kansas

What are some things that you can do to make sure you have the best shot possible at maintaining your sobriety without a relapse?

Understand you will have struggles.

Maintaining sobriety is an everyday struggle, and everyone struggles at some point. Learn to accept the fact that you will have struggles; make sure you have a plan in place for when your struggles try to get the best of you.

Stay away from people or places that will trigger you.

This is very different for each person, but everyone has a person that triggers stressful emotions than could trigger a relapse. It can also include locations such as parties with old friends or even smells that make you crave alcohol or drugs. Avoid these people and places until you have more time and space with your sobriety plan.

Find something that you can trade for your addiction that brings you joy.

Maybe it’s a warm cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. It could be an activity like going for a walk, running, or playing with your dog. Whatever it is that can keep your mind and body busy until the feeling passes should be a top priority.

Have your support system firmly in place.

You should have a list at your disposal of safe people to call when you are struggling with your sobriety. It can be a supportive partner, a mentor, group members from your AA group, or whoever you know will listen and help in your time of need. Don’t wait until you need them before you start trying to make up your support list.

drug rehabilitation in Kansas

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we are one of the top rehab facilities in Kansas, and understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors. This is why we believe in a multifaceted and individualized approach to treatment and recovery. There is hope!

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