Going to group therapy can be intimidating for some, but it is an important step in the recovery process and an important part of drug treatment in Kansas City. Isolation is a reason for relapse, so creating a relationship where you can share and be heard by others going through the same thing can be helpful. It also provides a platform to be able to have accountability for actions. Hearing from others about success and receive encouragement yourself is important on the road to recovery. So, what exactly is discussed during group therapy?

  • Trauma

Trauma is a shared topic for most people in addiction recovery. The trauma of one kind or another is helpful to share in a group setting because there are many others who might have gone through a similar situation and found ways to cope. Knowing you are not alone, and you can recover does bring a sense of hope. Having access to success stories can help motivate and encourage those recovering during drug treatment in Kansas City.

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  • Family

Family issues and dynamics are a big part of addiction as well as recovery.  Knowing family dynamics can help both the counselor and individuals in your group better understand you and your situation. A negative family dynamic can be a trigger for those trying to recover; therefore, being able to troubleshoot better ways to deal with family dynamics in a healthy way is helpful to do in a group setting with others who might share a similar situation.

  • Triggers

A trigger is something that happens in your life that can cause you to relapse. It can be as simple as a smell or sound. Triggers can also be more complex such as a person you care about or topics that might cause tension in an important relationship. Identifying your triggers and having ways to cope that are healthier than drugs and alcohol is essential in the journey to sobriety process during drug treatment in Kansas City.

  • Future

It’s important to dream about a future without substance abuse. For some, this can be difficult because you aren’t sure what life looks like without addiction. Having people around you to inspire you and remind you of your bright future can be helpful in staying motivated towards living a sober life. People currently in your life who have weathered the storm of addiction often think about your past, but having people in your life who can remind you of your future is encouraging.

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  • Mentorship

Often, in group therapy, there are people farther along in the sobriety journey. Having access to people who have walked the walk for a long time provides encouragement and ideas for staying healthy long-term. Pay attention to what they are doing, what has worked, and what hasn’t. This will help inspire you to keep going forward in a healthy way while you receive drug rehab in Kansas City.

  • Self-Care

Self-care is often the last thing that is done in the life of an addict. Learning ways to incorporate this into your routine takes practice and ideas. What one person considers self-care might not be for another. Getting ideas from other members of the group on what they do to take care of themselves can increase your health also.

  • Patterns

Every person has patterns of behavior that hurt themselves or others if they are not properly dealt with. Access to a group you regularly interact with can help you identify these negative behavior patterns and give you some ideas on what to replace them with. We often don’t see ourselves clearly, so it helps to have other people identify things in our life that might be destructive. They can do this in a positive and learning environment, however, and it can be helpful in changing the negative patterns into positives while going through drug rehab in Kansas City.

drug treatment in Kansas City

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we offer drug treatment in Kansas City and can help build a plan for a unique path to your sobriety. Staying connected in local groups and community resources is key to a successful recovery, and we can help you get connected to the group that best fits your sobriety journey. Give us a call at 913-837-4653 or visit our website to see how we can get you started on your path.






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