Substance abuse can be dangerous and deadly if it is not treated quickly with alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City.   Those who battle addiction have likely turned to drugs and alcohol due to something that is affecting their everyday life.  This article will share some of the potentially dangerous habits that can lead to substance abuse, which may require drug addiction help in Kansas City down the road. 

Stressful Work Environment 

Your place of employment is where you typically spend at least 40 hours a week, and if it causes you significant stress, it could eventually lead to drug and alcohol abuse.  According to many alcohol and drug treatment centers in Kansas, stress is considered one of the leading causes of addiction. 

drug treatment in Kansas City

Drugs and alcohol can give a user the feeling that their problems are being taken away, even if it may be temporarily.  That feeling of brief pleasure becomes addictive, which causes that individual to keep using, especially if they know that more stressful days are ahead. 


The rush of winning large sums of money is already something that is very addictive for many people.  When you are at a casino or betting on horse races at the track, there are always drinks readily available to you.  So many people who frequent casinos tend to turn to alcohol to enhance their gambling experience. 

drug treatment in Kansas City

Another dangerous factor of combining gambling and alcohol is that you are not of sound judgment while making your decisions.  A night at the casino can quickly spiral out of control, and within minutes you could lose enormous amounts of money without even realizing it.   

If you or someone you know is suffering from gambling addiction and substance abuse, please reach out to a gambling addiction hotline and seek alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City 


Although sports can be a great way for many of us to stay healthy and active, for some athletes, it becomes an addiction where they are willing to do anything to gain an edge.  Many athletes have required drug addiction help in Kansas City after abusing PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) that can give them boosts of extra energy but also have negative effects for their future. 

drug treatment in Kansas City

Other commonly abused drugs for athletes are different varieties of painkillers.  Injuries are common in many sports, and some athletes do not have the patience to let their bodies heal as they should.  Therefore, they turn to painkillers so that they don’t miss any practices or playing time, even though painkillers are not a permanent solution for their injuries.  Often, painkillers give athletes a false belief that they are now healthy and ready to play, and before they know it, their injury becomes more severe because they returned to action too quickly. 

drug treatment in Kansas City

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