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Maintaining sobriety is difficult any time of the year, but especially over the holidays like New Year’s.  New Year’s Eve is a holiday that specifically revolves around partying with friends and usually means the presence of alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are used at high levels causing poor decisions, an increase in car accidents, and more arrests than most other nights during the year.

Staying sober on New Year’s Eve is a great idea in general, but for those who have chosen sobriety, it’s essential to keep your life on track. Here are a few tips to staying sober this New Year’s Eve from Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City.

Just Stay Home


It might be fun to think about going out and having fun with friends to ring in the new year. But unless you are having a party with your AA friends from an addiction treatment center in Kansas City, chances are you will be tempted to drink or participate in drugs if you attend a party. We know willpower typically isn’t enough, so abstaining might be your best option.

Just because you stay home doesn’t mean you have to just stare at a clock. Pick something enjoyable to do that evening instead. Whether it’s finally starting that new project, catching up on your favorite lineup of shows, or making that phone call to a friend that you’ve been putting off.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Kansas City

Host Your Own Party

When inviting people, make it very clear that fun drinks are encouraged, but nonalcoholic only, please.  This sets a tone of expectation to your guests that the party will be alcohol and drug-free. Don’t forget to not skimp on delicious food, fun music, and whatever else you enjoy.

Just because there isn’t alcohol or drugs doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring. There are lots of other parts to an enjoyable party. Maybe suggest a board game, a party theme, dress-up, or whatever else might be fun to you.

Regularly Attend AA or NA Meetings

Like so many things during the holidays, regular schedules tend to go out the door. But attending meetings needs to be a priority. If you plan to attend a holiday party, go to a meeting both before and after the event. This way, you know you will have accountability and the encouragement to remain sober. Reach out to a residential treatment center in Kansas City right away if you feel the temptation mounting.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Kansas City

Gold Bridge Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in the Kansas City metro area, located in Louisburg. We understand that maintaining sobriety can be particularly difficult. Many people struggle with addiction, especially around the holidays, so it’s important to know that you are not in this battle alone.

If you are in need of alcohol addiction help in Kansas City, give us a call at (913) 837-4653 or visit our website and fill out or form. Our staff offers experienced care with an individualized approach to achieve a sustained and effective recovery.



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