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Denial plays a huge role in the role of addiction because it prevents the person who is struggling with addiction from recognizing that there is a problem. Denial can also play a role within families; it can be difficult for family members to admit that their loved one might have a problem. Denial can prevent people from reaching out to a treatment center in Kansas for help.

What Exactly is Denial?

Denial is when someone ignores or changes the reality of a situation so they can avoid the problem. This can manifest itself in small day-to-day interactions in a relationship, but it plays a key role in addiction. Denial can also be a powerful protection mechanism to keep people safe such as for a period while in an abusive situation. Denial can often prevent someone from recognizing a problem, which prolongs their issues, and prevents them from reaching out for addiction help in Kansas.

How is Denial Used in the Addiction Cycle?

Addiction is powerful and can keep people in its clutches for years without them admitting there is a problem and reaching out to a rehab in Kansas for help. There are some ways in which you can identify the role of denial in addiction. Here are a few examples that might help you identify these a little bit easier:

  • You find yourself blaming other people for your behavior or the behavior of someone you love. An example might be that “I blew up and started drinking because my wife pushes my buttons.” The fact that you need to drink or that you made poor decisions is always based on the fact that someone else started it.
  • You rationalize your drinking or drug use as a need. For instance, you need to have a drink because you worked all day, and you deserve it. Or you need it to function in your daily life and fulfill your responsibilities.

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  • You find yourself comparing your alcohol or drug use to that of others. Such as, “Well, I don’t drink as much as Bob, so I’m still okay.” The problem with this theory is your addiction is always compared to someone who seems much worse than yourself and is usually never someone that is doing much better. When this scale of comparison keeps getting lower and lower, it can be dangerous. If you hear someone constantly comparing their problems to others, they may need help from a treatment center in Kansas.
  • You find yourself downplaying the role addiction has started to take in your life. Such as, “I still go to work most days, and missing a day here and there because I stayed up drinking isn’t a big deal.” Or, “I missed my kid’s birthday party, but it’s okay because I got them a great gift instead.” Making excuses for drinking or drugs is a red flag that you or someone you love might have a problem and need to reach out to a rehab in Kansas for help with getting a grip on the addiction.

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At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we are a top facility for drug treatment in Kansas. We provide drug addiction help in Kansas to individuals needing aid in taking that next step in their journey toward sobriety. We understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors; so we have created a multifaceted and individualized approach for our patients to achieve sustained recovery.

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