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One of the Top Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas Explains the Connection Between Alcohol and Anger — Are you considered to be an “angry drunk?” According to leading alcohol and drug treatment centers in Kansas, it’s common for people to become irritable and angry when they drink. According to a study by the World Health Organization, aggression is linked more closely to alcohol than any other psychoactive substance.

Why does alcohol make people irritable and angry? Numerous factors can make someone react like this when drinking. It’s crucial to understand how alcohol influences your mood to make choices that keep you and everyone around you happy and safe.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we take pride in being a leading drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas, and we want to help you on your path to sobriety. One of people’s favorite pastimes is to go out and drink with friends and family. However, a fun and friendly gathering can quickly turn sour if your or someone else gets angry when they drink.

It’s crucial to be informed on what happens to make someone an “angry drunk” and how to prevent this from happening. So, our experts at a leading drug and alcohol treatment center in Kansas explained the connection between alcohol and anger.

Are Anger and Aggression the Same Thing?

It’s best to start by defining anger; according to a leader of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Kansas, anger and aggression are not the same feelings. The most significant difference between the emotions is that you feel angry when you feel threatened; aggression is hostile and results in psychological or physical harm to yourself or others.

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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Behavior?

According to a leading drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas, alcohol is a psychoactive drug that temporarily alters your perception, feelings, and mood. Everyone reacts to alcohol differently, so while some people feel more outgoing, others might feel lonelier or even angry. Alcohol can cause a minor annoyance to become a significant problem for some people.

Are There Standard Risk Factors For Alcohol-Related Aggression?

According to a leading rehab in Kansas, numerous factors can lead to alcohol aggression, and it is believed that particular genetics lead to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Common risk factors for alcohol-related aggression are:

  • Gender—Men typically struggle with alcohol-related aggression more than women
  • Drinking Habits—People who binge drink tend to be more aggressive than those who don’t
  • Mental Health—Individuals with mental illnesses like depression or other mood disorders are more likely to struggle with alcohol-related aggression.


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Alcohol tends to make people more aggressive than any other psychoactive drug, so it’s crucial to be careful if you or someone you know is an “angry drunk.” Try to take it easy when drinking, remember to pace yourself, and don’t exceed your limits.

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