Addiction and how it affects the workforce has been an ongoing issue for employers. However, since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed. With a large amount of the workforce working from home now more than ever, addiction concerns are on the rise for employers.

Facilities that focus on drug Rehabilitation in Kansas, like Gold Bridge Treatment Center, and other mental health clinics have been raising the red flag for some time about the isolation that people are feeling and how this has affected their lives long-term. Not only are people concerned about the isolation that plagues them, but they also have concerns for their children, jobs, homes, and safety.

Suicide rates and attempts have increased since the pandemic as people are growing weary and hopeless from their situation. Centers for drug rehabilitation in Kansas recognize the isolation brought on by the pandemic. Many have lost or been isolated from friends, family, and coworkers, leaving little support in times of need.

Being able to identify signs of addiction can help managers, friends and colleagues better identify signs of trouble so they can help someone they see struggling. Drug addiction help in Kansas can be found at facilities like Gold Bridge Treatment Center .

drug rehabilitation in Kansas

Signs of Addiction

Tremors and shaking

This is a sign of withdrawal if they are not using at work

Mood Changes

Not talking to co-workers anymore when they once used to, causing arguments in the workplace with other staff or with customers

Always disappearing

Frequent breaks during work hours to the bathroom or their car

Appearance has changed

If the person was once pulled together but is now showing up with dirty or wrinkly clothes, or body odor

Time Clock

Always late, leaving early, or not coming in at all

Excessive Tiredness

Sleeping at work or at their desk can be a major sign of addiction

Most larger companies have a program in-house or out of house that they can recommend if you find yourself struggling with addiction. (EAP) or Employee Assistance Programs are prevalent and are a benefit for everyone involved. Do some research to see if your company participates in an EAP and how you can get more information. If you are a manager, stay informed on what your company offers and look for warning signs in your employees so you can offer necessary assistance when needed.

drug rehabilitation in Kansas

As the need for drug rehabilitation in Kansas increases, Gold Bridge Treatment Center offers the experienced care you need to start your path to sobriety. For drug addiction help in Kansas, give us a call today at 913-837-4653, or contact us online to get the assistance needed to battle your addiction.

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