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Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Overland Park

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Overland Park


When looking for rehab centers in Kansas, you may be worried about what to expect. There are several types of drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers, but they have a common standard of operations.

Residential sobriety and recovery centers are organized and structured with therapies and activities that are the same. Through this, they minimize uncertainty and stress in residents. It also creates a supportive and safe environment for recovery. The amenities and setting set the tone for the daily activities involved.


Sleeping is not part of the program, so you will be expected to wake up early to have some breakfast. Our program offers early morning meditation, cardio, or yoga first, then breakfast after. We believe that the best way to start a day is when you are in a relaxed state of mind. Our recovery and treatment center is keen on creating new healthy habits that will be part of your daily program even after recovery. 

We have a group of professional addiction treatment staff who introduce behavioral therapy by teaching the clients how to change their bad daily behavior into healthy ones. After breakfast, we have therapy sessions where treatment, recovery, and addiction are achieved. We focus on finding out the people’s issues surrounding triggers in your life that cause the desire for alcohol and drugs. Through these meetings in our controlled therapeutic center, we help you recognize behavioral patterns that you can modify, plus the triggers to avoid after discharge.


We offer intensive treatment in the afternoons. Once lunch is over, we have a series of therapy sessions. Our behavior therapy uses cognitive behavioral therapy as one of the effective treatments. Through CBT, we hone your responses to various triggers. When we identify the triggers, our therapists teach you a healthier way to battle the triggers. One-on-one therapy offers a safe drug and alcohol treatment center environment to share and open up about your emotions and concerns. Therapists can provide tools with behavioral responses that handle anxiety.

Group therapy offers patients a chance to realize that they are not the only ones going through the same issues. It is beneficial when participants share their feelings and experiences since it fosters emotional healing. The weeks in therapy allow group members to find a sense of fellowship and develop trust. As time goes by, understanding and compassion for each other’s battles are developed in therapy.

We offer specialized therapy sessions. Our sessions can be customized to deal with grief counseling, stress management, or anger management. We also provide techniques that assist you in handling issues in a controlled manner instead of resorting to using alcohol and drugs. We understand the critical role of the family in healing, so we include it in our programs. Addiction affects the entire family and causes resentment anger, enabling behaviors such as violence and codependency. In family therapy, we resolve several issues and address feelings to achieve long-term sobriety.

Alternative therapy

We understand our clients’ needs vary, and so does their age. We have alternative therapies that accommodate all our clients. Music therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, biofeedback, exercise programs, and neurofeedback are some of our therapy forms. The choice of therapy method depends on the substance being abused, history of health, needed level of care, and the options you can afford.

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Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Overland Park

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Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Overland Park

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