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Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park


You have decided to quit drugs and alcohol, and you want to change your life. That is amazing, and recovery is excellent. However, you want to quit cold turkey instead of drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab. As you walk this journey, you need to know some information on quitting cold turkey and why it can be dangerous.

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Most people experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit alcohol. The symptoms can vary from mild to severe. The symptoms’ intensity depends on how long you have been dependent on alcohol, how much you have consumed, co-occurring conditions, and your health history.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a symptom that people who drink heavily experience when they quit alcohol. If you quit alcohol cold-turkey, you may suffer tremors, dehydration, delirium tremens, high heart rate, fever, hallucinations, migraines, seizures, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares. The medical team can ease the detox symptoms in a drug and alcohol treatment center. They can also handle the health emergencies such as dehydration and seizures.

Duration of Alcohol Withdrawal 

The time it takes to detox is different for every patient. For people with substance use disorder, the symptoms occur in three phases. The first phase starts six hours after your last drink. The symptoms may feel like a hangover, and the first symptoms may include sweating, headache, agitation, nausea, tremors, and sleeplessness.

The second phase is hazardous if you quit cold turkey. It usually manifests a day after you quit alcohol and can last 8 hours or longer. The second phase exposes you to more risk as the symptoms are more severe. The symptoms include vomiting, high blood pressure, convulsions, hallucinations, high fever, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, and whole-body tremors.

The third phase of withdrawal comes with psychological symptoms. This phase is referred to as post-acute withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms may last for months as the brain slowly regulates ad resumes normal functions. Signs of the third phase include depression, anxiety, mood swings, intense craving to drink after emotional triggers, dissatisfaction, and lack of motivation.

Dangers of Quitting Substance Abuse Cold Turkey

Quitting cold turkey is dangerous due to the various withdrawal symptoms. It is advisable to detox through the help of professional addiction treatment facilities. When you abuse drugs and alcohol often, your brain and body believe that it is necessary for your everyday functions.

Alcohol abuse makes the body compensate for the depressive effects by increasing brain chemicals and hormones. When you stop drinking, the body is flooded with extremely high chemicals. That is a sign that the body is trying to adapt to the absence of alcohol which it believes the body needs for survival. The imbalance in your central nervous system causes dangerous symptoms that can risk your life. 

Research points out that 20 percent of people who develop delirium tremens die when there’s no medical detox; there is little chance of death with medical detox. People with health conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, central nervous system infection, and liver diseases are at high risk if they quit cold turkey.

It is hard to quit alcohol cold-turkey and maintain sobriety without a sobriety and recovery center program. Studies show that a percentage of those who stopped cold turkey and did not receive treatment from rehab centers in Kansas relapse. Severe withdrawal symptoms put patients at risk of relapse. Symptoms can be painful, with few people overcoming the discomfort of resisting the urge to drink.

Do not let a loved one go down the slippery slope of addiction trying to treat alcohol abuse cold turkey. Instead, let the professionals at Gold Bridge Treatment Center provide the appropriate treatment for your loved one. Call us at 913-837-4653 for admission.



Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park

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Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park

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