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Being sober is a huge accomplishment, and something you should be proud of. After all, it’s not easy to quit drinking, especially after you have grown dependent on alcohol. However, having a significant other that drinks can also make your road to sobriety much more difficult.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, one of the top alcohol rehab facilities in Topeka, we want to help you in your journey to sobriety. We are here to support you in all of your difficult situations, including staying sober when your partner is not. Here are some tips from a trusted leader of addiction help in Topeka on how to maintain your sobriety even if your significant other is not.


Plan Outings That Don’t Include Alcohol

The “old life” you used to live before seeking help at an alcohol inpatient treatment center in Topeka probably revolved around a routine that was focused on alcohol. Professional counselors suggest avoiding activities that involve alcohol consumption, including going to a local bar, going to a sports game, or even having a barbeque that allows alcohol.

Instead, consider planning a meal with your friends and family somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol. You could also go for a walk around the park or try roller skating. The most important thing is to avoid anywhere that serves alcohol, so you don’t feel tempted.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Topeka

Don’t Take on Any Responsibility That Isn’t Yours

It’s important to remember that your spouse’s responsibilities are theirs and not yours. For example, if you have made an effort to do something that doesn’t involve drinking, it’s not your fault if your spouse does drink. A premier treatment center in Topeka, like Gold Bridge, wants you to understand that you are not responsible for your spouse’s actions; and can only control so much.


Try and Make New Friends

Sometimes, starting a new life means making new friends, especially if you and your spouse regularly drink with the same people. If you are on the path to sobriety, it might be best to stop contacting people who constantly encourage you to drink. That way, it’s easier for you to resist the temptation.


Continue Receiving Alcohol Addiction Help in Topeka

Continuing your treatment is crucial to your success. It’s essential to have support on your path to recovery, especially if your spouse is still drinking. During your treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Topeka, you can talk to a certified therapist about the struggles you are facing with your spouse and how their drinking is affecting you.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Topeka

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