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If you are fresh out of an alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas, chances are you have had a period of time where you were using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope or for fun. When you are in recovery and working toward a sober life, it can feel overwhelming to think about who you are as a “sober person” and what things you find fun again. With summer well on its way, people are attending weddings, parties, and summer BBQs to celebrate events or just enjoy time together. Chances are, nearly all of these events involve alcohol as a main source of entertainment.

But don’t worry, at Gold Bridge Treatment Center, a top alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas, we have some tips on staying sober while having fun this summer.

Plan Ahead

Walk through in your head how you will exit a party if it becomes overwhelming. For instance, will you find the host and tell them you have another event? Will you just leave with no explanation? Will you drive yourself to ensure you have transportation if you need to leave? These are questions you should ask yourself.

Have an exit strategy in place to ensure you can maintain your sobriety. Also keep your phone nearby to call your mentor if you need extra support. Having a mentor you can trust is critical, especially once your leave your alcohol rehab in Kansas.

Know When to Leave

Most people understand that the alcohol intake and partying atmosphere go up as the night wears on. With this in mind, make sure to pay attention to this shift and have a plan to exit when this happens. Maybe tell the host in advance that you are excited to be there but to be aware, you must leave by 9 or 10, whatever you feel is appropriate to maintain your sobriety after leaving alcohol rehab in Kansas.

alcohol rehab in Kansas

Bring a Friend That Will Stay Sober

When you go to a bbq, even though you have good friends there with you, it can still feel very lonely if you are the only one not drinking. To ensure that you have support and that there is another sober person, try bringing a plus one to the party who can help support your desire to stay sober and leave with you.

Be Prepared to Say No

Have a pre-scripted response to saying no when offered alcohol. This is where many people get off track, even though it sounds simple. You might think you will be able just to wing it. But once people at the party surround you, the pressure of saying no, added to not knowing how to phrase it, can cause people to relapse. Before you leave an alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas, gather some ideas about what to say in any scenario. This includes when you return to work, attend parties, and when you’re socializing with friends.

alcohol rehab in Kansas

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we have some of the top rehab facilities in Kansas and understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors. This is why we believe in a multifaceted and individualized approach to treatment and recovery. Our team is here for you when you need addiction help in Kansas.

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