As one of the premier alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas CityGold Bridge Treatment Center knows that ditching alcohol “cold turkey” is quite a challenge.  Any habitsuch as drinking alcohol, that you do frequently, will be difficult to remove completely from your life.   

This article will discuss some of the ways that have proven to be helpful when it comes to lowering your alcohol intake.  Following these tips may lead to you slowly losing your desire to drink and eventually lead to quitting drinking altogether.  At the very least, we hope this will help curb your appetite for alcohol. 

Write down why you want to lower your intake or eventually quit

There could be many reasons why you want to do this:

  • you want to avoid checking into a facility for alcohol treatment in Kansas City 
  • you want to feel healthier 
  • you want your family to be proud of you   

Whatever the reasons, write them down.  They could motivate you to stay on schedule. 

What is your drinking goal? 

Set limits on how much you drink per day or week.  If you have been drinking two to three drinks per day, try cutting it back to one per day.  Making small adjustments can help lower your cravings in the long run and might just be the right method of alcohol addiction help in Kansas City. 

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

Keep a daily log of your drinking

For several weeks try keeping track of how much alcohol you have consumed.  Keep track of the specific types of alcohol and where you were when you drank.  If your consumption increases during this time period, it may be time to look into professional alcohol treatment in Kansas City. 

Keep minimal amounts of alcohol in your house

If your goal is one drink per day, there should never be more than one alcoholic beverage in your house.  It is easy to lose focus when you see multiple drinks in the refrigerator.  Stay focused on your goal.  You can also try drinking slower so that your drinking experience lasts longer without consuming extra alcohol.  

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

Keep yourself occupied

Many alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City recommend finding a new hobby or activity that takes your mind off alcohol.  Household projects like painting or remodeling can help curb your alcohol cravings.  Also, walking or hiking in the fresh air can be a relaxing way to take your mind off life’s daily stresses. 

Ask for support

Friends and loved ones will be willing to help you along the way if they know you are trying to cut back on drinking.  Speak to them openly about your struggles and what you are doing to decrease your alcohol intake.  Having a trusting group of people to talk to is one of the best forms of alcohol addiction help in Kansas City. 

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