As a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas CityGold Bridge understands how devastating the Covid-19 pandemic has been on many people’s careers.  Countless men and women have lost their jobs and don’t know where to turn for their next paycheck.  Other industries are now busier than ever, and their employees are stressed beyond measure.   

Perhaps the workers most significantly impacted by the pandemic are healthcare workers.  Hospitals are maxed out in many areas, and workers are pushed to their limits in a work environment that already contains a significant amount of stress.  These conditions can potentially lead workers towards a path of substance abuse that can eventually require drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas City.   

drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City

Warning Signs 

If you know a loved one who works in the healthcare field, keep an eye out for some potential warning signs when you are around them outside of work.  Many alcohol and drug treatment centers in Kansas City have identified some of the most common changes to watch for. 

  • Isolation 
  • How They Manage Stress 
  • Increased Substance Abuse 


Although we are in an era where social distancing is encouraged, we should be alarmed if a loved one is cutting off all contact with friends and family.  If you have a loved one that works in healthcare, be sure to text or call them regularly to make sure they are alright.  As a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas CityGold Bridge knows that isolation can be an early sign of depression, which can eventually lead to substance abuse. 

drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City

How They Manage Stress 

When you are talking to a loved one, ask them how they are coping with the stress of working in healthcare.  If they mention drinking or substances as a stress relieveryou might want to stay on alert when you interact in the future.  Try to monitor the situation to ensure that this form of stress relief doesn’t become an addiction. 

Increased Substance Abuse 

It is common for people to have a glass of wine or a couple cold ones after a stressful day on the job.  However, if their alcohol amounts continue increasing over time, it may be time to seek alcohol addiction help in Kansas City.   

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