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Experts of Addiction Help In Kansas City Discuss The 3 Common Signs of Heroin Addiction – According to experts of addiction help in Kansas City, some people exhibit signs of a heroin addiction differently than others. Heroin addiction is a problem that impacts thousands, if not millions, of people living in the United States; it’s a popular drug that leaves its users feeling high and helps them forget any of the issues troubling them. Heroin is also highly addictive and difficult to quit using.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we are proud to be a leading provider of alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas City. We want to help you on your sobriety journey; whether you’re just starting or have been sober for years, it’s never too late to reach out for help. It’s important to pay attention to signs of heroin addiction in your loved ones, especially if they have a history of substance abuse; being vigilant could save their lives.

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What Are The Common Signs of a Heroin Addiction?

According to leading drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City, there are three common signs of heroin addiction: changes in behavior, changes in appearance, and signs of infections, collapsed veins, and track marks. It’s important to remember that all of these signs might look different on everybody, so pay extra attention to your loved ones.


#1 Changes In Behavior

Experts at drug rehabilitations in Kansas City believe that a change in behavior is one of the most common signs of heroin addiction. Heroin makes people behave aggressively and erratically; they are also more likely to develop depression. Heroin can also cause severe mood swings; if you notice some experiencing very high highs and extremely low lows, you should look into getting them addiction help.

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#2 Changes in Appearance

According to leading drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Kansas City, heroin can also impact a person’s appearance. This substance tends to leave people not caring about their looks, someone who dressed sharply before the addiction might now look disheveled. Prolonged heroin usage can also cause extreme weight loss due to a lack of appetite and vomiting caused by the drug.


#3 Signs of Infections, Collapsed Veins, and Track Marks

According to a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas City, track marks are the most noticeable signs of a heroin addiction. These are needle marks from where someone injects the drugs into their body and are commonly found on the hands, legs, and arms. You should also be watching for patches of dark skin; this is a sign of infection and inflammation that is likely at an injection site.

Heroin addiction is a difficult thing to overcome alone, so it’s important to seek help immediately. Keep an eye out for any signs of addiction from your loved ones, and if needed, contact help as soon as possible.

Addiction Help In Kansas City

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