Addiction treatment comes in a wide range of methods.  Exercise comes in a wide range of activities as well.  Using exercise as a tool can be life-changing for some.  There is an exercise that is meant for everyone regardless of health and lifestyle.  It is good to spend time doing different forms of exercise; and if you don’t already have one, you may find it fun and rewarding. Moving your body releases feel-good chemicals that make exercising worth the effort, especially during recovery at drug treatment centers in Kansas.

Exercise releases a natural happy chemical, dopamine, that enables the addict to cope and produce good feelings without the use of drugs.  The more exercise you do, the more dopamine the body produces.  In theory, exercise can heal the brain into feeling good again without the use of drugs.  At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, one of the top drug treatment centers in Kansas, we incorporate exercise therapy into your recovery so that you can receive the benefits it has to offer.

drug treatment centers in Kansas

With so many exercises to choose from, where do you start?  Most recovery centers will have a variety to choose from.  We have provided a shortlist, but there are hundreds of other activities to choose from.

  • Hiking or Walking

Walking and hiking are both great activities and is inclusive to a wide range of fitness levels.  Just a short walk can be all it takes to be able to bypass a craving for drugs or alcohol and restore your feel-good chemicals.  If you walk outside, it also provides another therapeutic benefit to being in nature.

  • Yoga

Yoga is a popular exercise during drug treatment in Kansas because it focuses on relaxation and strength.  This combination helps those struggling with anxiety to relax while also benefiting from the feel-good chemicals released during your session.  If you have anxiety, this is a great exercise to incorporate into your recovery.

  • Strength Training

Strength training with weights not only strengthens your muscles and releases feel-good chemicals but can restore the body to a pre-addiction state.  It can also empower individuals to feel strong and in control again.

  • Cardio

Joining a fitness group and doing activities such as different forms of dance can help get a person out of their shell and move their body while producing the same benefits of exercise listed above while receiving drug treatment in Kansas.

drug treatment centers in Kansas

  • Team Sports

Playing sports such as football, basketball, or volleyball is a great way to develop friendships with other recovering addicts while receiving drug treatment in Kansas.  Being a part of a team strengthens both the individual players and the group as a whole. Being around people, having to cooperate, and work as a team enables the recovering addict to reintegrate into society gently.  Overcoming physical challenges can boost self-esteem and re-establish a sense of strength with an individual.

drug treatment centers in Kansas

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, one of the best drug treatment centers in Kansas, we aim to offer a well-rounded treatment plan that incorporates exercise and healing movements to boost recovery outcomes.  Exercise is a coping skill you can take home with you and use for years to come.

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