Ending a relationship with a long-time partner or friend is never an easy thing to do.  As a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City, Gold Bridge Treatment Center knows that there are situations where you must cut ties with a loved one to achieve sobriety.   

This article will discuss the best ways to end a potentially toxic relationship with someone who is enabling your addiction.  We will also cover what to do next for alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas City as you strive to maintain a substance-free life.  

Ending a Relationship 

One of the best ways to end a relationship without confrontation is to gradually reduce your interactions with that person.  The relationship may eventually get phased out of both of your lives.   

If the “phasing out” method does not work, then directly approach the person.  Be honest with them without being hostile.  Simply explain that you are seeking drug or alcohol addiction help in Kansas City and that ending relationships with those who still use substances is essential to your recovery. 

If the person responds negatively or is very defensive about this conversation, it likely proves that this person does not have your best interest at heart.   

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Find Friends Who Support Your Sobriety 

An important step in drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas City is finding a friend or group of friends who support your sobriety.  While in early recovery, it is best to avoid all friends who use substances.  Down the road, when you are more confident in your sobriety, you may want to re-engage in a relationship, but early on, it is best to stay away while you’re at your most vulnerable stage.   

alcohol addiction help in Kansas City

Control the Setting 

While it is not always possible to avoid friends who use alcohol or drugs, one thing you can do is control the environment where you meet.  Instead of meeting at your regular bar, try meeting at a park or your house.  Plan out some fun activities that do not involve alcohol or drugs.  These little steps can help you avoid needing additional drug or alcohol addiction help in Kansas City. 

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