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Drug Treatment Centers in Kansas on How to Respond When Someone Asks You “Why Aren’t You Drinking?” – Drug treatment centers in Kansas want to congratulate you on your sobriety! Whether you’re one day into your recovery journey or have been sober for ten years, staying clean from alcohol is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated! Unfortunately, people can be just as uneducated about your sobriety years down the road.


Workers at a leading inpatient treatment center in Kansas understand how irritating and disheartening the question “why aren’t you drinking?” can be to someone in recovery. Society today revolves around social gatherings, many of which include consuming alcohol, so it’s easy to feel like an outcast without a drink in your hand.


At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we take pride in being a leader of alcohol addiction treatment centers in Kansas, and we want to help you on your path to sobriety. We understand that during an active addiction, boundaries can become blurry and even non-existent. However, setting limits and rules for yourself and other people in your life is crucial when working towards your recovery.

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Order a Mocktail

According to leaders of drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas, one of the best ways to avoid the awkward question “why aren’t you drinking?” is to order a mocktail whenever you go out with friends and family. Most bars serve delicious and creative mocktails that will have everyone fooled.

A mocktail is also a great option when hanging out with friends and family at a more low-scale event. Bring the items with you to a barbecue, birthday party, or holiday gathering to create a mocktail when mingling with everyone.

Take Care of the Issue Beforehand

A leading drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas suggests handling this problem before it actually becomes a problem. If you know someone will say something about you not drinking during a party, talk to them privately before the event starts if you’re comfortable. You don’t have to bring up rehab; you can keep it short and simply say that you don’t feel like drinking tonight.

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Say You Don’t Feel Like Drinking Tonight

According to a leader of drug treatment centers in Kansas, you don’t owe anyone an explanation why you don’t want to drink. If you don’t want anyone to know about rehab or your struggles with alcohol, you don’t have to tell them. Your sobriety is a journey that you take day by day, and you wake up every day and choose not to drink. So, telling everyone that you don’t feel like drinking tonight isn’t necessarily a lie.

 Drug Treatment Centers In Kansas

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If you or someone you love needs alcohol or drug addiction help in Kansas City, please reach out to our Gold Bridge Treatment Center staff. We are a leader of drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas that wants to help you begin your journey to sobriety.


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