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Experts at alcohol and drug treatment centers in Kansas City understand that staying social after receiving addiction help can be difficult, especially if most of your social life revolves around alcohol and other substances. However, it’s vital that you don’t close yourself off from your family, friends, and new connections. Just because you’re sober doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have fun.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we take pride in being a leading drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City, and we want to help you on your sobriety journey. Having a large support group of friends and family is necessary for a successful sobriety; that’s why we encourage you to stay social; however, it’s vital to understand your boundaries and limits.

Drug Treatment Centers In Kansas City

Start with Baby Steps

Addiction treatment centers in Kansas City suggest taking your return to social life slowly. It’s unwise to throw yourself immediately back into the party scene, especially if you just completed your rehab program. Parties that tend to have drugs and alcohol are not for you. It’s almost always impossible to resist the urge to use when being surrounded by your friends in a fun atmosphere.

Instead of meeting your friends at a party, you should go to a neutral environment. Go bowling, roller skating, or mini-golfing. You can also go see a movie or explore places in your city or town that you’ve never been to before. The most important part is to go somewhere where alcohol and other substances are served.

Drug Treatment Centers In Kansas City

Understanding Your Triggers

According to a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City, it’s crucial to understand the people and places that can trigger your cravings. There will always be situations that will tempt you into using drugs or alcohol, so it’s best to avoid these scenarios whenever possible.

Experts in drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas City understand that everyone has different triggers, so it’s vital to plan ahead. It’s impossible to avoid every trigger, but you can try to avoid as many as possible. Start planning your outings at typically more family-friendly places; they probably won’t have substance readily available. You should also have a plan in place if a triggering person or scenario occurs during this time.


It can be challenging to stay social while sober, but making new relationships and strengthening ones is vital. A large and supportive friend group is vital for a successful recovery. You don’t have to party and use substances to have fun; all you need is a great group of friends!

Drug Treatment Centers In Kansas City

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