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Drug Rehab Overland Park

Drug Rehab Overland Park


We can break drug addiction treatment programs and therapies into several categories, ranging from those that focus on chemical dependency to those that address addiction as part of other disorders. Within these categories are various approaches. Let’s look at what each type of drug addiction treatment program offers.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, patients meet one-on-one with our psychologist or addiction counselor, who helps them identify and change behaviors that keep them stuck in unhealthy habits. Therapy can also help people understand that they don’t have to fight their addictions alone. Sessions often include talking about childhood experiences, early warning signs, and other factors in drug use. Individual therapy is most effective in an integrated treatment program that includes support groups and family counseling.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions allow addicts to talk openly about their experiences and feelings with others who have similar struggles. One-on-one counseling is sometimes recommended in conjunction with group sessions—but only if comfortable with it. Our counselors can be particularly when they help you understand more about why you began using drugs in the first place.

Family Counseling

This type of therapy encourages communication between family members and can help you discover ways to support each other. By learning about your loved one’s problem and how it affects all members of your family, you can find a treatment program that works for everyone.

You can also use counseling sessions as an opportunity to confront or express feelings about your loved one’s drug abuse; these discussions might lead to insights on how best to solve problems in addiction recovery.

Holistic Treatments

The idea behind holistic drug addiction treatment is that your physical, mental, and emotional health are all intertwined—and therefore, a holistic approach can help you heal from addiction. For instance, many holistic drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab facilities help patients recover through meditation and yoga. In addition to these practices, they might also provide in-depth assessments of your substance abuse history and tailor your therapy program accordingly.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)

This aims to identify and change unhealthy thoughts or behaviors.

Rehab centers in Kansas have shown that this psychotherapy can effectively treat many behavioral problems. This treatment may help patients achieve personal goals or resolve mental health problems. The length and frequency of individual therapy sessions vary from patient to patient.

 Contingency management (CM)

The premise behind contingency management is that a positive outcome, such as staying clean and sober, should be reinforced with a reward. Patients in drug addiction treatment programs that use CM can expect to receive vouchers for cash, prizes, or gift cards when they achieve specific goals. These rewards provide patients with incentives to stay sober and drug-free while motivating them to work toward further recovery. The purpose of any drug addiction treatment program should be total abstinence from drugs; however, some addicts may not be ready for detox or rehab.


Aftercare is a crucial component of any rehabilitation program and helps former addicts learn to live without drugs or alcohol. This part of treatment often continues with professional guidance for several months after rehab. Sobriety and recovery centers may provide group therapy sessions and individual counseling from a therapist or social worker specializing in addiction recovery. Aftercare services may also include 12-step meetings where individuals can continue their recovery in a supportive environment by sharing their experiences with others going through similar struggles.

Our drug and alcohol treatment center takes pride in our patient-centered approach to treating substance abuse. We offer a wide variety of professional addiction treatments and therapies to help you reclaim your life from addiction. Please contact Gold Bridge Treatment Center today at 913-837-4653 to learn more about our admission procedures.



Drug Rehab Overland Park

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Drug Rehab Overland Park

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