If you are researching alcohol and drug treatment centers in Kansas City, there are a variety of options to choose from.  The goal of treating substance abuse remains the same no matter what style of treatment you are using, and that goal is to ultimately achieve sobriety.  How you get to sobriety ultimately depends on how effective your alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City is. 

Addiction treatment plans typically fall into one of two categories: 

  • Inpatient Rehab 
  • Outpatient Rehab 

This article will outline the differences between these two methods of drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas City, which will help you determine which rehab method will best suit your needs. 

drug treatment centers in Kansas City

Inpatient Rehab 

A drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas City typically becomes a patient’s home for anywhere from a few weeks to several months.  Inpatient treatment has proven to be much more successful than outpatient treatment over the years, mainly because patients are put into a controlled environment where there are no distractions or temptations for them to abuse drugs and alcohol. 

Inpatient treatment starts with a medically assisted detox program which can be quite intense, especially for the most severe addicts.  Constant medical care is provided at an inpatient center due to the intense withdrawal symptoms that many patients have during their treatment.   

Residents will have their days scheduled carefully by the staff.  During the day, residents will meet in group sessions, seek counseling, and other various types of drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas City.  Psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists will constantly monitor the residents to find the best path towards achieving sobriety.   

drug treatment centers in Kansas City

Outpatient Rehab 

The other form of alcohol and drug treatment in Kansas City is outpatient rehab.  An outpatient program is typically recommended for someone who is dealing with mild drug and alcohol addiction.  Although these programs are not typically as successful as inpatient programs, they provide support for someone who is still trying to maintain a normal routine with work, school, etc. 

Outpatient programs typically require a 10 to 12hour commitment each week from the patient, and the patient still gets to stay at home.  Overall, outpatient programs usually take three months or longer to complete and are considered much more affordable than inpatient treatment.  This is because the patient spends much fewer hours at the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Kansas City during an outpatient program. 

drug treatment centers in Kansas City

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