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Drug Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

Drug Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park


Family therapy is a vital component of the treatment process when choosing an inpatient drug rehab program. During the initial stages of your loved one’s recovery from addiction, you may feel angry, especially if you’ve had to miss work or spend time away from your other children or family members to take care of them or help them get clean. Participating in family therapy can help your entire family learn how to best support one another through this challenging time and continue to do so once your loved one has been discharged from the program as well.

Drug Addiction Treatment and Family Involvement


A challenging aspect of addiction treatment is getting and keeping your loved one committed to sobriety. When family members are involved, it makes therapy more effective because your loved one will feel supported and accountable for their actions. Your family relationships will improve. For these reasons, you must work with drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab program that supports family participation in loved ones’ recovery. At our sobriety and recovery center, we offer several types of therapy that can benefit patients receiving drug abuse treatment and their loved ones.

Ways Our Program Ensures Successful Outcomes for Families

We know that clients’ sobriety can only be maintained with an ongoing support system, which is why we make our family therapy program a crucial part of every individual receiving drug addiction treatment. Our therapists help each client communicate better with their family while holding one another accountable to recovery goals.

Over time, not only does our client improve their own life, but they also improve and strengthen relationships with loved ones. By promoting a sense of positivity and accountability within each member of their family unit, we ensure that more and more people continue to recover from drug addiction for years to come.

How We Help Families Cope During Recovery

Our professional addiction treatment program offers a family therapy component that supports families and their loved ones actively receiving treatment. We dedicate our staff to helping families succeed during and after their family member’s treatment through careful planning and goal-setting. We also advise coping with specific issues that may arise during your recovery process, like adjusting as a newly sober parent or spouse.

Preventing continued substance abuse within the family is an essential part of reducing the effects of substance abuse on families. Using family therapy can also help rebuild relationships among family members to communicate better and understand one another (rather than just their client). By doing so, families can positively affect clients and aid in their recovery and treatment.

You may have an undiagnosed mental illness, or maybe you are struggling with addiction, or you may be wary of the myths surrounding rehab centers in Kansas. Whether you are in your battle for sobriety, our drug, and alcohol treatment center can meet you there.

Addiction treatment is practical and readily available at the Gold Bridge Treatment Center. Do not suffer in silence. Reach out to us at 913-837-4653 for admission.



Drug Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

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Drug Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

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