When the Covid-19 pandemic first began in early 2020, we were not sure how much it would affect our daily lives.  Here we are in 2021, and we have seen many deaths, financial struggles, and a rise in alcohol/drug abuse directly linked to the coronavirus.   

As a leader in drug rehabilitations in Kansas City, Gold Bridge Treatment Center knows the struggles that come with these uncertain times.  Some of the most common issues related to substance abuse and Covid-19 are: 

  • Employment/Financial Stress 
  • Impact on Children’s Education 
  • Boredom 

Employment/Financial Stress 

When you aren’t sure where your next paycheck is coming from, the stress can cause you to turn to alcohol for relief and eventually require alcohol treatment in Kansas City.  The pandemic has crippled several industries, especially restaurants, entertainment, and retail. 

Impact on Children’s Education 

Another source of stress could come from your child’s school not allowing in-person learning, so you must stay home with them.  This prevents you from going to work and creates a financial burden for your family.  Drug treatment centers in Kansas City like Gold Bridge know first-hand the feelings of helplessness that this virus has caused many families. 

drug rehabilitations in Kansas City

For many children and teens, their education quality may suffer as they cannot interact with teachers and classmates in an up-close environment.  Teens can be easily influenced by peer pressure and are likely already dealing with drug and alcohol temptation in their lives.  The added stress of the pandemic could lead them down the dark road of addiction and eventually require drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas City. 


Most of us need balance in our lives, and Covid-19 has impacted that.  Many people are at home much more than they were previously.  Additional time at home can cause boredom, stress, and potentially the urge to use drugs or alcohol, which further down the road, may require alcohol or drug rehab in Kansas City.  

Some ways to keep yourself occupied during the pandemic are: 

  • Set limits on school/work time at home – set aside specific time for family 
  • Limit your social media and news activity – too much negative news can cause additional stress 
  • Set aside at least thirty minutes a day for walking or light exercising 
  • Stay hydrated – it can help curb cravings 
  • Set a specific dinner time every night – having a routine can help you keep your day organized 
  • Start a new hobby or project at home 

drug rehabilitations in Kansas City

Gold Bridge Treatment Center is Here To Help 

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction due to the current pandemic, contact our staff at Gold Bridge Treatment Center, one of the premier facilities for drug rehabilitations in Kansas City.  Our team has developed a family-like atmosphere for all residents while providing a treatment plan for your specific needs.   

For alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas Cityplease give us a call at (913) 837-GOLD. 

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