We have all seen how devastating the Covid-19 virus has been for many families around the world, especially in our country.  The virus can be relentless and seems to affect people with underlying health conditions more than healthy individuals.

Of course, while we have encountered a new battle against Covid-19 in the past year, the struggle for many people seeking drug addiction help in Kansas City continues.  The stressorthat come along with this virus are taking a toll on people, and it is leading to more and more cases of people who require drug rehab in Kansas City. 

You may wonder, what about those struggling with addiction and currently seeking drug addiction help in Kansas City?  Are they more vulnerable to the coronavirus than others?  This article aims to help answer these questions. 

Findings by Recent Health Studies

According to a recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 10.3% of the study participants suffered from substance abuse.  Oall the participants that tested positive for Covid-19, substance addicts made up 15.6% of those positive tests.  Based on this data, a substance addict is 5.3% more likely to have a positive test than someone who does not use substances. 

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Hospitalization and Mortality Rates

People in the same study were hospitalized at a 41% rate if they suffered from addiction as opposed to 30% for non-addicts.  Again, this shows that those who are dealing with addiction are more vulnerable to the virus.   

The rate of mortality also shows that an addict is prone to death than a non-addict.  For those suffering from a substance abuse disorder, the mortality rate was 9.6%, while those without a drug addiction had a mortality rate of 6.6%. 

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What Causes the Disparity?

Many drug treatment centers in Kansas City feel that the reason addicts suffer more from the coronavirus is because their body internally has been damaged due to addiction.  Covid-19 has a history of picking on our body’s weaknesses and making them even weaker.  The cardiovascular system in many addicts has already been compromised, which may partially explain why addicts are more at risk than non-addicts. 

drug addiction help in Kansas City

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