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Advice from a Drug Rehab in Kansas City on Staying Sober During Sports Games – With cooler fall weather on the way, many sporting events will be in full swing. Whether you’re watching the Royals finish out their season, catching a Chiefs game, or watching your local high school team on Friday night, sporting events are popular past times during the fall. However, they can pose more of a challenge than before if you are sober.

According to a leading drug rehab in Kansas City, many sporting events offer alcohol and can make the temptation to drink even higher than before. However, being able to attend any sporting game sober is a valuable skill to learn; that way, you can meet new people and still enjoy yourself.

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we take pride in being a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas City, and we want to help you on your path to sobriety. We want your recovery to be as smooth and effective as possible, so we’ve compiled some tips on staying sober while attending sporting events.

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Identify Your Triggers

According to leaders in drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas City, it’s crucial to identify your triggers so you can create a plan to avoid them. Take the time to reflect on what sounds, smells, and sights trigger your cravings and figure out if there is any way for you to avoid those scenarios. If not, remind yourself of all the benefits of being sober.

One effective way to keep from purchasing alcohol at sporting events is to change your routine. Eat before you come so you’re not tempted by anything at the concession stands. And visit the souvenir shop instead of purchasing a snack and drink in between plays. Alcohol and drug rehabs in Kansas City also suggest calling a friend to vent instead of buying a drink if your team starts losing.

Be Careful About Which Sporting Events You Attend

According to a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas City, you must be selective about which sporting events you attend. It’s crucial to avoid any games that will trigger your cravings or pose too much temptation for you to drink. It might be best to skip the pregame tailgate parties where alcohol is being served and avoid any events where alcohol is served on every corner.

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Don’t Go Alone

One of the worst things you can do is go to a sporting event alone. According to leaders in alcohol treatment in Kansas City, attending a sports game with at least one other person is crucial so they can keep you accountable. If you attend a sporting event by yourself, you’re more likely to give in to the temptation and purchase a drink, so it’s crucial to go with someone who will help you stay sober.

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