It’s important when talking about addiction that we realize it is a hard thing to define in concrete answers. Outside factors such as lifestyle, beliefs, and cultures play a huge role as to what acceptable behaviors or actions when it comes to substances. Addictions can range from substances to behavioral addictions such as gambling or sex.

However, there are some hallmark things to consider when you are trying to define if you or someone you care about is an addict. Here are some signs that you or a loved one might need drug addiction help in Kansas City:


  • Not wanting to hang out with friends and family like you once did
  • Engaging in risky behavior such as unprotected sex, sharing needles, driving intoxicated
  • No self-control or power to say no to substances
  • Family history of addiction
  • Binging or blackout episodes
  • Missing work or other responsibilities
  • Trouble in relationships that were once healthy

drug addiction help in Kansas City

Changes in Personality

When individuals move from occasional drug use to the phase of addiction, it can seem like such a gradual change that others don’t recognize it at first. But over time, changes in personality start to emerge and cause problems in close relationships with the addict. Addicts often have unhealthy sleeping patterns, lie and break trust with those around them, ignore problems, and slack on responsibilities. This eventually wreaks havoc on their relationship and life, causing isolation for the addict. Depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders or physical disorders can mimic or cause addiction symptoms, so it is important to rule out any of these beforehand. If you start seeing these signs, it might be time to seek out drug addiction help in Kansas City from Gold Bridge Treatment Center.


drug addiction help in Kansas City 

Changes Physically

Family and friends that are around the addict regularly will start to notice physical changes in the individual. These can include being sick more days than not, weight changes, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, decaying skin, hair, nails, and teeth, to name a few. You might start to notice unexplained cuts and bruises or accidents that can’t be explained. Drug rehabilitations in Kansas City can help you or someone you care about find healing and health again.

drug addiction help in Kansas City

Addiction throughout all stages of life can be debilitating for the addict but also for friends and family. The consequences of addiction have the potential for long-lasting effects that require drug rehabilitations in Kansas City in order to get back on track. At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we offer drug addiction help in Kansas City. Give us a call at 913-837-4653 or visit our website to discover a unique path to sobriety for you or someone you love.



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