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Addiction Rehab Overland Park

Addiction Rehab Overland Park

The thought of joining an addiction rehab in Overland Park can be scary, considering the taboo surrounding substance abuse and seeking professional help to beat chemical dependency. Gold Bridge Treatment Center offers the most discreet, effective, and affordable addiction recovery programs in a world-class treatment facility.

How do I pay for addiction treatment?

Most private health insurance plans cover part of the treatment costs, if not entirely. Call your insurance provider to learn about the benefit coverage under your plan for substance abuse treatment. Insurance careers like UHC, Cigna, Aetna, and BCBS cover many addiction treatment services. Also, the ACA-sponsored plans cover between 60 – 90% of addiction treatment costs. While bronze plan holders enjoy up to 60% of the treatment costs, platinum policies offer 90% expense coverage.

Alternatively, you may use Medicaid or Medicare to pay for addiction treatment. However, you may use these Federal and state-sponsored health benefits only if you belong to specific population segments. Or, you can secure private financing or use an IRA OR 401 (K) plan to cover the cost of your treatment program.

How to make the most out of substance abuse treatment?

Regardless of the doubts you may have about addiction treatment programs and their efficacy, trust the process and approach it with an open outlook. The treatments may not work well if you are not ready to commit to recovery.

Journal everything you learn at rehab. It not only helps you see how far you have come in recovery but can also prove valuable in your post-rehab life. Pack only the essentials for the treatment to avoid outside distractions. More importantly, let go of the idea that you can do it yourself. While rehab treatment may give you the tools to bring about positive life changes, remember that only you can fix yourself.

Benefits of inpatient treatment over outpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab treatment is a promising recovery mode compared to other rehab options as it has the highest success rates. The residential rehab program requires you to stay in an enclosed, safe, and supportive setting for anywhere from 30 – 90 days. Some of the benefits of undergoing inpatient treatment at an addiction rehab in Overland Park :

  • Inpatient or residential rehab allows you to catch a break from your everyday life, focus on your healing and recovery, and help you relax in a new and refreshing setting.
  • It offers an immersive healing experience as you will participate in a series of treatments and therapies all through the day.
  • Inpatient rehab programs provide you with access to a network of community support. You will get to heal and recover with the support of fellow recovering addicts, which can instill hope and positivity to lead a sober lifestyle in the long run.

While outpatient rehab programs are not ineffective, inpatient programs deliver more promising outcomes in recovery. More importantly, it reduces your risk for relapse significantly.

Call us at 913-837-4653 to verify your insurance with us. Gold Bridge Treatment Center is a leading addiction rehab in Overland Park for drug and alcohol abuse disorders with a high success rate, proven treatments, and a dedicated clinical team. We can help you begin a rewarding journey towards a better and brighter tomorrow. Contact us today.

Addiction Rehab Overland Park

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Addiction Rehab Overland Park

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