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A Drug Rehab in Kansas Discusses 4 Alternative Treatments and Therapies to Try During Recovery – A leading alcohol and drug rehab in Kansas understands that everyone is different, so a treatment program that works for others might not work for you. We also understand that taking the first step in your recovery journey can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. A lot of people don’t like the idea of attending therapy sessions, but did you know that there are multiple different types of therapy?

At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we are proud to be a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Kansas. We take the time to ensure that our patients are cared for and that they have a recovery plan that works best for them. We understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors, that’s why our addiction treatment center believes in a multifaceted, individual approach for each of our patients.

Experts of alcohol and drug addiction help in Kansas believe that it’s important for everyone to receive the help they need during their recovery, even if it’s not attending a standard therapy session. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 3 alternative treatments and therapies you can try during recovery.

Drug Rehab In Kansas

1. Art Therapy

According to experts of drug and alcohol addiction help in Kansas, art therapy is a fairly common practice for individuals in recovery. You can use a variety of mediums, and it is considered to be a less jarring way of addressing any issues that are contributing to your addiction.

A drug rehab in Kansas believes that art therapy offers individuals in therapy two main benefits:

  1. Creating art can be relaxing and therapeutic for your brain
  2. You can use the content of your art to express what is hard for you to say

Exploring your art with a therapist can help you uncover and heal any emotions that are related to your addiction.


2. Adventure Therapy

Do you like to be outdoors and try new things? Then drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Kansas suggest trying adventure therapy. This more active type of treatment is perfect for people who want to conquer their addiction in a mobile, dynamic way.

Participating in adventure therapy can help you in multiple ways. According to a leading drug rehab in Kansas, this type of therapy can help you understand how you react to stressful situations and can help you develop healthy ways to deal with those challenges. Adventure therapy can also help you learn about how you directly impact the environment and people around you.

Drug Rehab In Kansas

3. Equine Therapy

According to a leading drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Kansas, equine therapy is another popular alternative therapy for individuals in recovery use. Some people find the companionship of a horse to be comforting; having an animal to care for can also help improve your sense of self-worth.

A leading drug rehab in Kansas suggests researching equine therapy if you have always enjoyed being around animals, especially horses. This can be a great way to stay busy and form a bond that can help calm you down during rough periods in your recovery.

Drug Rehab In Kansas

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